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If the major identity of the museum is based on the highlighting of the Arts of the Imaginary,

in the heart of the castle of Rochefort en Terre,

it is then up to us to spread their magic outside the walls of Naia.

We offer turnkey exhibitions,

as well as partnerships with various cultural institutions and event structures.

Our Services and
Fields of Expertise

We create, set up and build tailor-made exhibitions, made up of a wide choice of museum artists, scenography and communication media, adapted to your spaces.  They can be themed, on a wide variety of sites and institutions.    

Parcours Métrange 2017

Our experience

We evolve with the opportunities and encounters offered by music, arts, cinema, science festivals, ... (Boom, Ozora, Motocultor, Court Métrange, Cercle Cubik), trade fairs (BD, Tattoos), spaces and cultural institutions (galleries, scientific exhibitions, media libraries). We travel to France, Europe and internationally. Find all of our references in our special Hors les Murs press kit. 

Boom Festival 2022

Photo : Julien Lechelle

Boom festival 2022.jpg

 Intra-Muros Partnerships

We also host events within the confines of our museum: film shoots (music, cinema), partnerships with schools of higher education, literary event, visitsdramatized, etc... 

Halloween au musée 2021

You can now download our special "Outside the walls" presskit for further informations and details about our experience:

Prestation de Luc Arbogast au Motocultor Festival 

Sculptures de Patrice "Pit" Hubert - Naia Museum

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