The museum of imaginary arts


In the fantastic and visionary universe of Naïa are exhibited sculptures, paintings, digital works, kinetic works, photographies, videos, comic strips and illustrations…

This space of expression highlights artists who find it difficult to find a place in more conventional structures.

The imaginary arts are not an artistic movement strictly speaking. It is a theme, common to several movements, often undergrounds, which place the imaginary at the centre of their approach.

To develop curiosity, to make people dream, to bring emotions, to invite imagination and open-mindedness, such is the primary intention of the museum.

Located in the park of the castle of Rochefort-en-Terre, a village of character located in Morbihan, in Brittany, the Naïa Museum is a unique place in Europe.

This private museum is also a gallery that offers works for sale.

Two founding artists of the museum


The Naïa opened its doors in April 2015, after an encounter between the mayor of Rochefort-en-Terre and two artists, Manu Van H, painter-drawer, and Patrice "Pit" Hubert, metal sculptor. At the end of 2014, the municipality offered them to move into the premises occupied by the heritage museum until 2011, and to co-direct this private museum.

Patrice and Manu have taken up the challenge and are exhibiting 77 international artists and more than 200 works this year, for the 4th season.

For this couple of entrepreneurial artists, the museum they have imagined and entirely set up, aims to arouse curiosity and emotions among its visitors, by presenting a selection of works of great aesthetic and artistic quality.


Manu and Patrice wish, through their artistic approach and the works of the artists exhibited (of which they are part), to open the consciences on the other possible realities.

A scenography redesigned every year

Every year in March, the site closes for a month to reinvent itself. New works are integrated, some remain and others leave their place. It is an opportunity to create a new dialogue, to build another message, to create other connections between the works, the place and the public.

For this 2018-2019 season, the installation is entitled "Dreamtime".

A quote from Howard Phillips LOVECRAFT, 20th century American fantasy writer, illustrates this title well:


« There will always be a certain proportion of people who will feel a burning curiosity about unknown outdoor spaces, and a burning desire to escape the prison of the known and the real, to reach those countries enchanted by the incredible adventure that dreams open to us...»

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