Patrice and Manu have been evolving for years in an underground artistic field. This is an alternative culture that comes out of the mainstream current widely promoted by the institution.

The Naïa Museum is an opportunity for them to represent and highlight an artistic scene that is dear to them and that has difficulty finding places of expression.

The message


A common thread connects the works and binds the artists of this museum. Each in their own way, they invite visitors to ask themselves questions about the world and its possible realities. So much remains to be understood and explained. Our 5 senses are not enough to understand everything. These artists offer a vision enhanced by imagination to explore the invisible part of our universe. They probe Humans, their mythologies, legends, spirituality, civilizations, history and dogmas through complex notions of time and space, projecting them into potential past and future..


To develop curiosity, to make people dream, to bring emotions, to invite imagination and open-mindedness, this is the primary intention of the museum.

An active approach


A preponderant objective in the artistic approach of the Naïa Museum is to leave the visitor totally actor of his visit, to leave him free in his interpretation.

Indeed, for Patrice and Manu, the creations they exhibit are means of expression in their own right, which are sufficient in themselves. It is up to each person to read the messages according to their sensitivity, personality and experience and to find their level of reading.

Naïatheism, a conceptual vision of an exhibited artist

The Naïa Museum is a space that carries meaning and coherence. The different artistic currents, the artists on display, but also the place itself, form a unity in the discourse conveyed. An artist, Hervé Koura, conceptualized this approach and this mode of projection specific to the Naïa through a retro-futurist vision:

"Naiatheism has the will to defend and promote other artistic forms. By giving way to a free expression, they create a new kind of space - a truly living museum, a space of exhibition and sale of works where the great family of the Art of the inner worlds is brought together. Art history will retain, with this particular event (which will develop later in different forms), a kind of rebirth where trends and speculation will lose the part to give way to a cultural and artistic reconstruction, beginning of a new form of "making Art and making it see".

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